Nutraceutical & Herbal

Increasing awareness levels about fitness and health, skyrocketing healthcare costs are prompting the majority of people to lead healthier lifestyles, exercise more, and eat healthy. The expanding Nutraceutical market indicates that end users are seeking minimally processed food with extra nutritional benefits and organoleptic value. This development, in turn, is propelling expansion in the Nutraceutical markets globally.

The greatest scientific need in Nutraceuticals pertains to standardization of compounds and/or products, to carefully develop and execute clinical studies/trials to provide the basis for health claims for Nutraceuticals that impact consumers as well as companies making strategic investments.

Karmic has experienced and dedicated team in conducting Nutraceutical & Herbal clinical studies. Since then several successful execution has been accomplished for products pertaining to sports nutrition, dietary supplements, herbal anti diabetic, herbal extract for Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, energy booster supplement, slimming supplements, sexual dysfunction, probiotics etc.

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